Cuban People

Bar in Habana Vieja How cool is that! The Cubans go shopping with toilet paper rolls as curlers in their hair. It´s not easy. You hear it everywhere. I like the concept to sell meat. Kids in our society don´t even know about the killing of animals. Meat comes in a square plasic box. 'I can wait more than you because I am the time.' The man tries to catch the woman off-guard with a vacunao -- tagging her with the flip of a handkerchief  in an act of symbolic sexual contact. Famous Cuban Salsa Band. I met them in Pasto, Colombia, where I made this photo. Famous Cuban Salsa Band. And I met them in Munich, where I made this photo. White clothing is also standard attire for attending Santería religious services. The normal way of Cubans to say: 'You are beautiful.' It´s like 'Hi, how are you.'



I love the Cubans! They are friendly, cheerful, innovative, proud, ….

Many of these photos were made on film.

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